Best Online Colleges - Online Degree Programs From Major Universities

Best Online Colleges - Online Degree Programs From Major Universities

Posted 05.15.2012 in Articles by Caitlin

Online degree programs have revolutionized the way adult learners attend school. College students are no longer bound by the restrictions of attending on-campus classes. Instead, they attend class from home, work, or the library. Any computer that has an Internet connection can provide the student with nearly everything they need to earn an online degree from prestigious colleges and universities. Students are able to continue to work full time and balance family obligations with these flexible degree plans. By sacrificing free time and with a great deal of dedication, people can earn a degree from one of the best online colleges to prepare for a new career or to advance in their current career.

When students decide to go back to school, they typically have  ideas about what area of study interests them. Whether their major of choice is business, graphic design, finance, information systems or something else entirely, it will make sense for them to compare several online colleges to see which best suits their interests. For instance, UMass Online has a business online degree program that has received national recognition. Likewise, the Global Campus at Colorado State University is considered by many to be among the best MBA programs in America. Both schools offer a high quality educational experience at a prestigious school, and either would be a desirable asset on a resume. It is only through comparing other factors such as the courses offered, the faculty providing instruction, and the stated course outcomes that the student can make an informed decision. It is also helpful to spend some time reviewing the websites for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education to establish the credentials of any school to ensure that their programs have been independently reviewed and found to provide a satisfactory educational experience. In addition, it’s important to compare the costs involved for various online degree programs. Students should be aware of the cost per credit hour and any additional fees that may be required. It’s also advisable to be aware of any on-campus visits required by the program.

Some of the best online colleges are based on traditional campuses. These schools offer students a chance to earn an online degree because demand for such programs has increased significantly in recent years. Recognized colleges with solid reputations like Arizona State University have developed online programs that provide students with a rigorous, fully accredited degree program that can be earned at home. ASU provides students with a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs from which to choose. Another well-known school, Florida State University, has garnered praise from independent organizations and former students alike for the quality of their online degree programs. This school has a reputation for offering excellent value in degree programs like engineering, business, and political science.

Even smaller institutions, like the City University of Seattle, offer reputable online programs. At this school, students may obtain a degree in education, communications, marketing, project management and others. Portland State University in Oregon also offers challenging online programs in criminal justice, social work, and business. Both of these schools are online colleges and brick-and-mortar universities. As such, they provide programs that are fully accredited and marked by their dedication to academic rigor.

Students interested in online degree programs from major universities have many choices to make. Whether their area of interest is medicine, business, technology, law, criminal justice, or mathematics, online colleges have a variety of programs to review. When choosing among the best online colleges, prospective students will need to complete extensive research. For example, a student interested in earning a business degree will find many online degree programs from major universities are available. Some of these programs provide a general business administration degree, while others allow for specialization in areas like finance, marketing, management and accounting. Students with a strong interest in a particular specialization should compare similar programs at different schools to determine which one will best help them achieve their goals.

Students should first create a list of possible schools. Then, they can research the school’s reputation by looking at graduation rates and reviewing the career paths of past graduates , as well as reviewing the faculty members who teach the courses. Most colleges have information regarding each faculty member’s education and credentials readily available.

Students should also look at the length of each degree program. Each school has unique credit hour requirements. Some operate on a trimester system, while others use a quarterly system. These differences can impact how long it takes to complete a degree. Additionally, each school establishes their own tuition rates, some low and some very high, which the students should also take into consideration.

The online programs at different colleges function in a variety of ways. At some universities, students must apply and beat out the competition to be granted admission. Other schools have open admission and simply require an application and payment of a fee to enter a program. Some classes will require students to log in to class at specified days and times;  other classes allow students to attend at their convenience.

Through the process of comparing accreditation, academic reputation, faculty credentials, cost and program delivery methods, students can narrow down their choices when researching enrollment in an online degree program. With a list of two or three carefully selected colleges, students can begin the application process with the confidence that any of these institutions will provide an outstanding academic experience.

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